Frantic Future Freak Outs

It has come to my attention that I haven't written a post in a little while; I wish I could say that it was because I was busy, but in between revision and lectures I've just been relaxing and having a good old existential crisis. So as you can probably tell by the above gif,... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Taste of Freedom

We are taking a break from our normally scheduled panic-rant blog today because I handed in my dissertation! (I honestly feel confetti guns go off inside my head whenever I say that.) After all of that stress and angst about deadlines and essays etc. I actually handed in all of my work on time and handed... Continue Reading →

Sublime Self-Care Tips

Last week my blog post was about how I am bad at looking after myself; anyone who has had a mental illness or a low point/ has seen a decent healthcare professional will know how important self-care is, not just in terms of physical but mental health as well. Now my reason for writing this... Continue Reading →

Pointless Ponderings

Hello lovely people of the internet on this fine day! There have been interesting developments this week that weren't necessarily dramatic but will absolutely lead to drama (Yaaaaaaaay.). It has been brought to my attention that I am genuinely terrible at looking after myself. Between my IBS making my stomach feel like a pit of snakes... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Scatalogical

Hi guys and gals and everything in-between or outwith. Apologies to the squeamish ones reading this- it might not be your cup of pepto bismol. Well I ended up going to Edinburgh with my parents, and I decided to stay until Friday while they went home on Wednesday. It was a good but uneventful couple of... Continue Reading →

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